KNEUS has a Designated Microscopic Center(DMC) of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) under Public Private Partnership with the Government of U.P.in Sector 10,GauthamBudh Nagar district since 2003. This center covers more than l.5 lakh population in Noida area. This area is in National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi, about 30 sq. km made of old villages. In this area majority of the people are living in rented houses. These people are migrants from the other states of India.They are socially and economically poor. Health facilities in this area are not been used because of the busy work schedule. They do not have proper roads, water, electricity, drainage, sewage, etc. The population of this area cannot be accurately censured because of the frequent in and out of people in this area. Our DMC is facilitated with regular General OPD. KNEUS have qualified staffs consists of a Doctor, a Lab. Technician, a Non Medical Supervisor and a Para Medical Worker.We are providing free of cost investigation of sputum and treatment for TB patients.People are from rural area settled here working in various factories in and around NCR. They are expected to be present on duty early in the morning and they can be free from there factory in the late evening. This job schedule put them in a difficult situation to make avail the existing medical facilities. With our staff we make available the medical facilities early in the morning. This area is always threatened by the communicable diseases because of the sewage water in and around their houses. Besides that these labors are living in small dungeon rooms were no proper ventilation, which leads to spread communicable diseases.

Our project area Noida is covering the given sectors and villages- Sec-1, sec-2, sec-3, sec-4, Harola,sec-5, sec-6, sec-7, sec-8, sec-9,sec-10,Jhundpura, sec-11,sec12,sec-13, sec-14,Nayabans, sec-15, sec-16 and Sec-17.


Salarpuriscovering the given sectors and villages-Salarpur, sec-101, Sec-104,sec-79,Sec-113, Sec-80,kakrala, Nagala, sec-81, Sec-84, Sec -87, Yakubpur, Sec-89,Ilabansh, Sec138 and Gejha.


KNEUS Grater Noidafacilitated with Dispensary, full equipped Pathology lab, physiotherapy, Dental care, TB Care, X-ray, Therapeutic & rehabilitation for differently abled children, Club for the elderly people, Palliative care for cancer patients and rehabilitation Towards bright future- educational support to children of leprosy affected family.