Our Impact

In our journey of handling health care services, we have realized, discrimination and stigma is a big barrier for eradication of Leprosy andTB diseases. In the year 1987, KNEUS started working in 57 leprosy colonies in the western UP and treated over 5,000 leprosy patients. In 1992, this work was extended to villages and cities, where through house to house surveys and health education programs patients were detected and treated. The leprosy focused services carried out by the organization have been extended to tuberculosis after integration of leprosy treatment into general health in 2003. The systematic and scientific approach planned and implemented by KNEUS has yielded desired result several folds.It has a long history of supporting health services at the community level, often with remarkable effectiveness and rapport with communities. KNEUS also have capacity to provide excellent treatment support, counselling for patients, and contributes to public health oriented activities in TB treatment, namely DOTs, address verification and default retrieval. Through these centers free medical consultations, checkups, diagnosis and medicines are given to the people those who are suffering from tuberculosis, leprosy and other communicable diseases. Majority of the population approaching this centre are below poverty line. The staff in this centre are giving health education to the people.

  • Treatment & prevention of disability in 57 colonies in UP- benefitted 5000 patients
  • Survey, Education and Treatment population covered - 1, 43, 61,051
  • Leprosy patient Registered and treated - 49720
  • Prevention of disability - 3413
  • Education of children from leprosy affected families - 135 childrens

Free of cost High qualities education with boarding facilities)

Tuberculosis:Collaboration with Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme
  • General patient benefited in our OPD - 573483
  • TB Suspects examined in designated microscopic lab - 79841
  • TB Sputum diagnosed smear positive - 12755
  • TB cases put on treatment - 27233
  • TB Cure/ treatment completion Rate - 90.87%
  • Refer to ICTC centreundergoing all TB patients for counselling and test benefitted - 11500