Success Story – 1
Name: Rajpal S/o Late Shri Ramkumar Ahirwar
Age: 19 (Male)
Address: Village Marhga Dilawari,
Post – Baghera,
Tehsil – Taharauli District Jhansi (U.P.)

Before the treatment of TB ( DOT):-

I belong to a poor family. My parents expired due to TB a few years back. I am living with my maternal uncle who takes care of me. After the death of my parents I became sick due to cough and fever. I had nothing for the treatment and I did not know where to go for treatment. I was very weak and thought that I would die of the sickness. I was living under the mercy of God. During this time my paternal uncle told me that there is a TB treatment center in Baghera run by KNEUS and free treatment is available. I was taken by my uncle to this centre for check up.

The doctor examined me and I was asked to give sputum for TB diagnose. I did give sputum for check up of TB. After the sputum check up I was told that I was having TB and I had to take DOT. I thought that was the end of my life. I was discouraged. The doctor and the staff at Bhagera encouraged me and told that I would be cured within six months if I take DOT regularly.

When the treatment for TB was started I was very weak and could not even walk for ten minutes. I used to get collapsed if I would walk. I used to come either with my uncle or any villagers by bi-cycle to the TB center for regular treatment. After one month of my treatment I felt some change in me and I was able to walk and do some work by myself. I was indeed very happy. As I was feeling better and able to walk and do the work I used to come to the TB center all alone by bi-cycle and took treatment.

During the treatment I was examined regularly and given tonic to regain my lost strength. I am thankful to the staff of the TB center for taking utmost care of my health by providing tonic and proper medicines free of cost. At the completion of six month treatment my sputum was examined and the doctor informed me that I was completely cured from TB. I did not know whom to thank. Actually it was God who brought me to this TB center and got me treated and I became absolutely cured from this sickness. I felt lots of relief and thought if my parents would get like this treatment they too would have been alive.

After the treatment:-

The life which I am living now is a new life. I will never forget the suffering which I underwent due to TB. Now I am able to lead a normal life and working for the livelihood. I am also motivating the villagers about the treatment available and good service of the TB center at Bhagera. I explain to the villagers about the TB treatment and I strongly believe that TB is curable 100%. I am very grateful to the doctor and the staff at Bhagera.

Place: Marhga Dilawari
Dated: 24.03.2010
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