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People affected by disability due to leprosy was an audacious scene for many people by the end of the nineties. They were dispersed and pushed into isolation because leprosy was considered a curse of God. Against their existence with their own homes and whole society, they had to resort to colonies away from the general settlement of leprosy affected people and it became leprosy colonies.

When KNEUS started working for the prevention of leprosy in 1992, then the leprosy affected people did not receive the respect of common citizens in society. And education to their children were a major problem. KNEUS resolved to provide high level boarding education to this children in order to connect with the general streams while continuing awareness to change the misconceptions against leprosy in the society, as well as treating the affected people with leprosy. In which 135 children from Class 1 to Sr. Secondary has been taken up. By which children of different colonies are benefitting. And 25 children have benefitted and established a healthy and happy society and are contributing to the common stream of society.


TB in the past decades the disease was also treated like a leprosy in society.People looked at TB patients with fear. Defiantly it is a social stigma so people were afraid to reveal about TB or even approach for treatment. Therefore ignorance and fear cause spread of TB. After the eradication of leprosy, KNEUS began to work for the eradication of tuberculosis in collaboration with the state government in 2003. KNEUS chose to work out those backward areas where there was a great lack of facilities and awareness. There KNEUS provided constant awareness programs, diagnosis and treatments to fight against TB. The effort of KNEUS was to start treatment by detecting TB in the early stages and to make the environment around them neat and clean. KNEUS has so far treated over 28000 TB patients. We join with the aim of Prime Minister TB FREE INDIA is our target. KNEUS is working with the government at three health centres in the GautamBuddh Nagar District.

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KUSHT NIYANTRAN EVUM UNMOOLAN SAMITI (KNEUS) is a registered voluntary organization working for Leprosy, HIV/AIDs, Tuberculosis and other communicable diseases in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand and Delhi for 25 years .Tuberculosis is a major public health problem in India. It is a matter of great concern that India has as per the Global TB report of 2017 by World Health Organisation (WHO)the estimated incidence of Tuberculosis in India was approximately 28, 00,000 accounting for about a quarter of the world’s TB cases. That is, 119 TB cases annually notified per 1, 00,000 populations and two persons are dyeing per three minutes. However, research organizations, NGOs and some medical personnel are of the opinion that actual figures are much higher than that of the official figures. You can help us in treating TB patients and stop Transmission of TB and transform and empower their lives.

KNEUS is a non- profit making organisation. We are dependent on the generous donors who donates us the funds for our activities and services. Donations are eligible for tax exemption. You can also donate by sending your cheque/draft in favour of ‘KushtNiyantranEvumUnmoolanSamiti’ to: Plot No.11, Knowledge Park-1, Greater Noida, GautamBuddh Nagar, U.P.-201310.




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Medicine for poor people.

Nutrition supplements for poor TB Patient.

School bag/books for helpless children of TB affected Parents who are unable to work/ leprosy affected people.

Health Camp: medicine and other materials.

Aids & appliance for people with disability.